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Mindapple-a-day: Turn email off for 5 minutes

Emails are a pressure of the modern world, people are always able to message us quickly and there’s a sense that we need to respond. It’s not just emails, it’s all kinds of devices, things that alert us to another message or another thing we might need to think about. And these can become distractions. They stop […]

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Mindapple-a-day: Sit on a bench

The New Economics Foundation are on a mission to increase wellbeing and came up with ‘The 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ – things that we can incorporate into our routine to benefit our mind. One of these ways is to ‘take notice’, so sitting on a bench relaxing and taking time out to notice things around us […]

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Theory of Change: The Mindapples Approach

The aim of Mindapples is to help everyone take better care of their minds. Research carried out by Mindapples and the charity Mind in 2013 showed that more than half of the people surveyed had never thought about the health of their minds, and 56% of the people wanted to know more about their mental […]

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A Leap Year Wish

It’s been inspiring and encouraging to see the publicity around the Young Minds Matter series launched by The Duchess of Cambridge when she was guest editor of the Huffington Post this month. Especially the theme of taking preventative action. At Mindapples, that’s obviously a theme that is close to our hearts. If you’ve come across […]

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The Mindapples Tree at the Museum of Happiness

We were delighted to have the Mindapples Tree at the wildly successful Museum of Happiness event in Spitalfields Market. The Museum of Happiness brought together a ball pit, silent disco, laughter yoga, virtual reality experience, TickTheBucket and much, much more, all with the aim of doing things that raise spirits. I snuck into the Joy […]

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The Mindapples Tree

Mindapples Wellbeing, Resilience & Performance

We’re delighted to be working with Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP. Here’s what their Peter Bond wrote in a blog about the launch: “You often hear about mental health in the news but it’s all too often linked to a negative story. Mental health tends to have connotations of illness, rather than have the […]

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Declaring victory

It’s been over five years since we started Mindapples as a business (and even longer since the start of our campaign), and it’s fair to say the journey has been… emotional. Running a mental health organisation is tough enough at the best of times, without having to steer it through a global recession and brutal public spending cuts. […]

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Photo by Bex Singleton

Competition Time

For today only you could be in with the chance to win some fantastic gifts and be entered into a prize draw! If you buy a copy of A Mind for Business on amazon.co.uk TODAY and are one of the first one hundred people to register their purchase with Pearson you will be sent a free […]

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Mindapples training successful in independent trial

A study published today by the University of York shows that Mindapples training programmes increased participants’ ability to cope with stress, including three months after the programme was complete. This is the first controlled trial of Mindapples’ flagship training programme, Your Mind: A User’s Guide, and is a great endorsement for our unique approach to mental health […]

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Changing Minds

World Mental Health Day should be a chance to celebrate our minds and discuss what we need as a society. We need to encourage people to look after their minds, minimise the factors that can make people ill, get people help early, and help people recover quickly. It’s time for a change. We all have mental health, and looking after our minds is a normal part of having a successful life. So, if we can look after our bodies by brushing our teeth, or eating an apple, what about our minds?

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