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Video your mindapples

Look! Lauren has filmed her friends’ five-a-days and turned it into a lovely video! Please send us your videos of you and your friends talking about what you do to stay mentally in shape. We’ll compile the best footage into a short video explaining the Mindapples idea and hopefully inspiring lots more people to do […]

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Mindapples needs your videos!

Hello Mindapplers. We want to make some fun videos explaining Mindapples, and you can star in them! Please send us your videos (or post them on YouTube and tag them ‘mindapples’) of you sharing your five-a-day and/or explaining Mindapples, and we’ll feature you on the blog and maybe include them in our promo videos too. […]

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Time to change

Time to Change TV ad was aired in January and February in England. The advert explains how the affects of stigma and discrimination can impact on a person who is or has experienced mental health problem. Ruby Wax talks about what it is like to live with depression.

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Andy Gibson explains Mindapples

Craig at the O’Reilly GMT blog has very kindly posted a video interview with me explaining the Mindapples project and talking a bit about how far we’ve got. He caught me on the hop a bit: no time to do my hair, although I did manage to dress up a bit. Here’s the video from […]

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