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“Male brain” vs “female brain” – no difference found

The difference between men and women’s brains has been a hot topic throughout the ages. Studies showing that one gender is better at certain mental tasks than the other (eg. spatial awareness), is often attributed to biological underpinnings; that men and women’s brains are hard-wired differently. A recent research study1 has found that there is in […]

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Mindapples training successful in independent trial

A study published today by the University of York shows that Mindapples training programmes increased participants’ ability to cope with stress, including three months after the programme was complete. This is the first controlled trial of Mindapples’ flagship training programme, Your Mind: A User’s Guide, and is a great endorsement for our unique approach to mental health […]

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Why I wrote A Mind for Business

As many readers will know, my book, A Mind for Business, is out now published by Pearson, and I wanted to give a little background as to why I wrote it, and how it relates to our work here at Mindapples. That’s because, in addition to the obvious commercial reasons for writing it, this book […]

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The Psychiatrists’ Mindapples

All pretty quiet here in the Mindapples Orchard after our exertions at the Big Treat and all our various festival activities. We’ve been at the Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, The Big Chill and the Playgroup Festival, as well as at Edexcel and the BBC, and now we’re having a little rest. Meanwhile, I’d like […]

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Psychology and the Economy

I’m currently sat in the RSA lunchtime lecture with Robert Shiller about how human psychology drives the economy. John Maynard Keynes famously used the term ‘animal spirits’ to refer to the animating forces that drive people to action. He argued that economists were wrong to model human behaviour as rational, an emphasized that no-one can […]

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The initial Mindapples research survey aims to get an idea from the public what are the 5 most important things they do regularly to help them maintain their mental wellbeing. This is very exciting indeed! We hear a lot from experts about mental health but rarely ask regular people what they personally have come to […]

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