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    Love your mind with the Mindapples app

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The Mindapples app can help you understand your mind and improve your wellbeing through simple daily suggestions.

This isn’t another mindfulness app or an app that tells you what to do: Mindapples helps you learn about your mind and decide how to take care of it. You can listen to audio clips to get ideas on how to manage your mind, share what works for you and browse other people’s ideas too.

Available for Android and iPhone, you can learn about improving your wellbeing, managing stress, getting motivated, sleeping better, changing your habits and getting to know yourself better.

All the content is based on peer-reviewed research from our popular books and training programmes which the University of York found help people maintain their wellbeing during stressful times.

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Learn to love your mind

The first module on mental health and wellbeing is free for everyone, and then subscribers get additional modules:

  • Feed your mind: looking after your wellbeing and finding the 5-a-day for your mind.
  • Master your moods: tips for managing moods and emotions and staying calm and capable.
  • Get motivated: how to get your mind going, find things you love, and find energy for tasks you don’t enjoy.
  • Handle pressure: managing stress, boosting your resilience and staying cool under pressure.
  • Know yourself: understanding your personality traits, mapping your strengths and finding situations that suit you best.
  • Sleep well: learn how sleep affects your mind and the good habits that can help you sleep better, for longer.
  • Be productive: apply your mind effectively to the challenges facing you each day.
  • Change your habits: build healthier habits and get to know how and your mind automates so many things through the day.
  • Be happy: happiness can be elusive, so find out more about what it is, how to get it – and how to be sad too.