Supporting leaders to create the conditions for minds to thrive

Positive change starts at the top. We can help organisational leaders promote healthy working and use wellbeing as a driver of business performance.

Mindapples cuts through the complexity of workplace health and wellbeing research to give leaders practical, straightforward insights from psychology and cognitive science to help them promote smart, sustainable working. We have supported leadership teams and divisional heads in large and small companies to identify specific actions and key messaging that can transform corporate culture.

Our leadership sessions are all bespoke and designed to fit your specific organisational challenges, including providing keynote talks and workshops for leadership days and off-sites. Our discussions for leaders focus on a few key areas:

  • The language of mental health and wellbeing – helping leaders strike the right tone in internal messaging and creating positive, constructive conversations.
  • Being a role model – how talking openly about what helps you to work effectively and sustainably can inspire your teams to take better care of themselves.
  • Giving permission – building a culture in which people feel able to ask for what they need and have the agency to manage their own minds.
  • What to measure – key factors for leaders to watch, including stress, wellbeing and autonomy, and the importance of equality and diversity monitoring.

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