Know your mind

    Learn how your mind works and how to take care of it

We rely on our minds for everything we do, and yet we are taught very little about how they work and how to take care of them. We learn about plaque on our teeth, cholesterol in our diet and germs on our hands, but we aren’t taught about moods, stress, decision-making, creativity – the basic building blocks that make us think, feel and behave the way we do.

At Mindapples, we’ve spent over a decade collecting practical insights from psychology and cognitive science and turning them into books, apps, e-learning and workplace training. Reviewed by experts and tested in controlled trials, this is a new kind of mental literacy programme that can benefit people of all ages.

We’ve collected some of the best insights here to help you learn about your mind. There are downloadable tip sheets, video insights from our trainers, articles to read and links to follow. We hope they’ll help you understand your mind better and take simple steps to improve your health, work and relationships.

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Maintain your mental health and wellbeing through your daily habits
Learn what can go wrong with your mind, and how to manage mental illness
What sleep is, why we need it, and how to get enough of it
Find ways to manage your moods and emotions proactively
Keep a cool head and manage reactive emotions like panic and anger
What you can do to feel happier, and how to be sad too
Learn what you love and find the inspiration to succeed
Cope better with stress and learn how you can thrive under pressure
Thrive in difficult situations and cope better with setbacks
Understand your personality and explore your strengths and weaknesses
Learn new things, improve your memory and develop your skills
Practice new routines to improve your health and productivity
Cope with remote working and become the master of your devices
Apply your mind more effectively to get more done in life and work
Avoid burnout and work well over the long term by caring for your mind
Learn how you think and make smarter, less biased choices
Thrive in difficult situations and cope better with setbacks
Convince people, get your way and be a positive influence
Communicate better and work with others to be more than the sum of our parts
Be more compassionate and help people in need
The business case for workplace wellbeing and smarter work