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    Apply your mind more effectively to get more done in life and work

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A productive mind can cut through tasks and work smarter. Find techniques for maintaining concentration, making better use of your time and getting more done.

Getting things done is fundamental to success in life and work, yet we often struggle to make progress, struggling to maintain energy and concentration and failing to make the most of our time. We can do a lot to improve our productivity though, by managing our minds better and applying them effectively to the tasks at hand.

Concentrated thought is tiring, so managing energy, not time, is key to productivity. By focussing your attention on complex, high-value tasks first, learning to say no, and deferring simpler matters to when you are more tired, you can achieve more with your mind.

This relies on being able to concentrate too, on how well you can tune out distractions, both internal and external. Productivity doesn’t all have to be effortful, and you can also improve your productivity when you aren’t concentrating, by developing good habits and productive routines to increase your efficiency.

We’re all different, so finding what works for you is an important part of maintaining performance. Sustainable productivity starts with each of us. By learning to work in the way your mind works, you can get more done, and focus on what really matters.

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