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    What do you do for your mind?

At the core of the Mindapples campaign is one simple question: what do you do that’s good for your mind.

We started asking this online back in 2008, before launching as a full public health campaign in 2010. Since then we’ve gathered 100,000s of mindapples all around the world, and campaigned to make looking after our minds as natural as brushing our teeth.

What are your mindapples?

50 ways to take care of your mind

As the UK emerged from the long lockdown of COVID-19, Mindapples launched the “50 ways to take care of your mind” campaign.

Our goal is to build on the growing awareness of mental health after COVID-19. We all had our lives disrupted, cut off from the people and things we loved, but it gave us more appreciation of these things. And we found new ways to look after ourselves too, spending time at home and with family, and less time commuting and rushing around.

So we ran adverts on London’s tube and bus network throughout May 2021, to remind Londoners to keep doing things for their minds as they return to their hectic lives. We also ran a social media campaign throughout the month too, encouraging everyone to share 50 of our favourite mindapple suggestions, and tell us what works for you too.

The initial campaign is over but the drive to put mental health at the heart of COVID recovery is only just beginning. So get involved and let’s put mental health at the centre of our post-COVID recovery.

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Past campaign highlights

Healthy treats for mind and body, in partnership with Courvoisier
Getting young people at festivals talking about their minds, with Time to Change
A new awareness day to promote student mental health and wellbeing
Helping VInspired's young volunteers promote wellbeing in their communities
Responding to our global public health crisis
Supporting the arts and cultural sectors through COVID-19