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    Promoting mental health and wellbeing for students

Mindapples has been working with UK universities and college for more than a decade. We’ve helped student wellbeing teams, welfare officers and university counselling services destigmatise student mental health and promote positive messages to students about looking after our minds.

From leaving home to dealing with exam pressures, it can be a stressful time. Looking after your mind as a student can help you feel healthier and do better academically. Mindapples has worked with over 100 universities to promote better mental health, and is a regular fixture at Freshers’ Fairs and University Mental Health Days all over the UK.

This isn’t about training students to think positively: this is an educational approach to help students learn about their minds develop skills for self-management. We don’t believe in telling people what to do: this is about helping students manage their own minds and make informed choices about how to take care of themselves.

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Join the programme

In 2021, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mindapples Charity contacted a number of university partners about providing support services to help them protect and improve the mental health and wellbeing of their students. The result is the Mindapples for Students programme, a new package of support for universities and colleges, developed with students and based on our core services.

The new package includes:

90% of students found our webinars useful or very useful for their wellbeing, and they also told us:

“I really liked how simple but informative the session was. Very easy to understand but clearly evidence based.”

“Keep at it! You guys are a tap away and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Download the 2022 Mindapples for Students package for more details.

If you’d like to find out more, or talk to a member of the Mindapples team about this new package of support and training please email students@mindapples.org.

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Toolkits for events and freshers' week

Are you involved in promoting wellbeing and mental health awareness on campus? Mindapples has developed a range of event toolkits and engagement packs the have been used by over 100 UK universities to engage students in taking better care of their minds.

The Mindapples Tree sets are perfect for Freshers’ Fairs and other public events to get students thinking and talking about their mental health and wellbeing. We’ve also supplied packs for University Mental Health Day events and general awareness campaigns throughout the year.

Buy a toolkit to get started

Our track record

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What students say

Mindapples Tree, UK Freshers' Week

“It encouraged discussion amongst groups of friends and hopefully encouraged them to acknowledge the things they already do to look after their mental health.”

Student training programme, London South Bank

“Mindapples helped me to take a step back, relax. That was when I got my highest grades.”

Pop-up tree, University of New South Wales

“Lots of hungry students today and the apples went down a treat. Thanks for getting it shipped over here to Sydney at a reasonable price!”