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    A fresh approach to wellbeing at work

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Wellbeing matters

Smart businesses promote wellbeing, because high wellbeing leads to high performance.

Mindapples teaches people how to manage their minds at work, and supports leaders and managers to promote wellbeing.

Here’s our founder Andy Gibson explaining why workplace wellbeing matters, and how Mindapples can help businesses put healthy minds at the heart of their strategies.

Healthier people, working smarter, giving businesses a competitive edge

We teach people how their minds work, to help them live and work better.

Our clients use our webinars, eLearning, management training, team workshops and campaign materials to help their people stay healthy and productive, and create the conditions for minds to thrive.

Our work also funds our charitable activities, supporting schools, universities, healthcare providers and other charities to promote better mental health and wellbeing.

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What we offer

A smart, scalable approach to wellbeing at work
Interactive web-based seminars to teach people how to manage their minds
Wellbeing workshops, lunch and learns and team away days
Helping line managers look after their minds and support their teams
Supporting leaders to create the conditions for minds to thrive
Engaging employees in smart, healthy, sustainable working

Evidence-based interventions


Our content is based on peer-reviewed studies in psychology and cognitive science, and reviewed by clinicians and academics.


Developed with major employers and tested in high-pressure environments, we know our materials help people work smarter.


Clinically-reviewed and extensively tested for over a decade in the NHS, schools, universities and workplaces for your peace of mind.

Independently evaluated

Studies conducted by the University of York have showed that Mindapples training programmes increase participants’ wellbeing, knowledge of the mind and ability to cope with stress, including showing positive effects three months after the programme has finished. The two trials, with student groups and users of mental health services, showed statistically significant increases in participants’ knowledge of their minds and ability to cope with stress, as well as increases in subjective wellbeing and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants.

Download the full evaluation reports here:

Mindapples evaluation in London South Bank University (2015)

Mindapples evaluation with the National Survivor User Network (2015)

What our clients say

Patrick Watt, Bupa Global

“simple and compelling and fit for purpose for any audience, particularly those organisations who want to unlock the potential within their people. Highly recommended.”

Una Murphy, BBC

“Mindapples and its simple but effective concept of five a day is a great platform for sharing ideas and challenges us to help ourselves while taking control of our mental attitude and health.”

Kim Searle, The Crown Estate

“I am so pleased we are continuing with Mindapples. I cannot stress enough the positive feedback we have received from those who attended, and “word of mouth” is so important here.”

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