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Here at Mindapples, we’ve been developing a number of tools to help you manage your mind better. Learn how to get more done, feel better, keep calm, manage stress, and get the mind – and the life – you really want.

The key is learning about your mind. We believe the more we know about our minds, the better we can manage them. That’s why we share practical insights about how our minds work and how to take care of them.

The best way to learn about your mind is with the Mindapples app, which shares insights from psychology and cognitive science and helps you apply them to your life and work. We’ve also collected articles and tip sheets here on this site for you to read and explore.

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Just like brushing your teeth

Mental health and wellbeing don’t come in quick fixes: we need to work at them. Recent research is showing more and more that what really affects our mental states are our habits, the day-to-day actions that shape our lives. Practice doing things that help you feel calmer and more energised, and avoid things that make you feel stressed or unhappy, and you will find your wellbeing starts to improve. On a basic level at least, good mental health is a habit.

This doesn’t have to be hard work. Research by Sarah Pressman and colleagues found that whatever you do that’s good for your mind is much better for you if you have chosen it, and you enjoy it. Having fun is good for you. So rather than finding a list of things you should do, start thinking about what you like to do. Make time for the breathers and restorers that work for you, and start talking to other people about what works for them.

It starts with you. Each of us needs to start thinking and talking about what’s good for our minds. So over to you.

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