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Play the piano badly.
I look up at the sky at least twice a day for a few moments.
Wear bright colours.
I remind myself I am good enough.
Dance like everyone's watching!
Folding laundry.
Being totally honest with myself and others.
Hot bath. No interruptions.
Dance around to 50s music in my pants.
Marmite toast.
Glass of red wine and a square of stilton on the sofa.
Find a place to be silent and sit/lie there a while.
Avoid Nietzsche.
I look up at the sky at least twice a day for a few moments.
Trying not to beat myself up if I do something which doesn't work.
Being Katie.
Psychotherapy (weekly).
Remind myself that 95% of what I worry about will NEVER happen.
Playing my guitar really loudly!!!
It's a secret.
Yoga - amazing for slowing your mind down.
"Me" time.
I take a picture a day of the year. It reminds me that I do good things in my life.
Drink a good beer in the evening.
Leaving notes for the future in my pockets.
Allow myself a treat! Because no matter how low we are feeling, we all deserve a treat.
Asking if it's right for 'me'.
Crane spotting.
Space. I need time alone as much as I need to be with others.
Making a large healthy meal... to then selfishly enjoy eating alone.
2 minutes meditation each morning and evening.
Having the same, simple breakfast every day.
Spin fire.
Draw, even just for a minute in the corner of my serviette.
Curl up with a chamomile tea.
Slow down. I always used to rush. Now I consciously stroll or take the long way if I can.
Look through old travel photos.
When I get on the train I close eyes and breathe quietly for few minutes before plugging in an ipod or reading.
Salah: five daily Islamic Prayers.
Create a moment of calm, where my attention is no longer on the outside world, but on the stillness within.
Putting on hot clothes (straight out of the dryer).
Intentionally forget that I am thinking (and just let things happen without analyzing them).
Dance while I'm cleaning.
Write out a daily journal (anything that comes up, don't censor).
Pause ... and ... Focus on my breath ... and ... Just notice.
Stroke a smooth surface.
Appreciate the little things - the silvery trail of a slug, the complex web a spider weaves...
Spending time with my pet rabbit.
Body scan my emotions.
Sing in a choir.
The smell of autumn leaves.
I'm sensitive and I have to work hard not taking others' negativity on board. It gets easier.
Ridiculous birds.
Drink a beer while you mow your lawn.
Have a much bigger selection of pickles then is strictly necessary.
Look at videos of sloths.
Say 'SWITCH!' when I think negative thoughts.
Keep a gratitude diary (I write one thing most nights).
Small wonders, like trying hot mango pickle and realising it's delicious.
Nap Coffee Manicure Zumba Sex
Freezing cold hands and a hot cup of coffee.
Supercircuits at the gym.
Stretch your body like a cat.
Taking the time to really properly listen to a song.
Avoid advertising, marketing, and aspirational lifestyle media in general.
Learning brings change into your life. So try learning something new and don't become stale.
Read a trashy magazine.
Read stuff that takes me into a different realm.
Eat well, because energy is essential for good thinking.
Arguing with idiots on Youtube.
Listen to news radio - you learn stuff and get to smugly report what you know.
Play multiple simultaneous scrabble games.
Drink fresh lemon juice and hot water upon waking, to kick-start my brain with a zing!
I pray to my gods.
Keeping a 'victory log' - things I have achieved each day, bits of positive feedback from others.
Being spontaneous - I'm not a fan of routine, so variety is indeed the spice of life.
Create something crafty.
Create some clear space between work and play.
Lie in bed for ten minutes awake before I get up.
Remember that life is just a ride.
Remember that everyone else is struggling as much as you are.
Collective bitching sessions with equally-stressed colleagues.
Remembering God is in charge and not politicians.
Turn off the worry tap - what does worry solve?
Try to remember that everything will be relatively OK.
OMG my couch!!!

mindapple (mīnd-ăp-´əl) • n.
a day-to-day activity that is good for your mind

Since 2008, Mindapples has been asking everyone what they do to take care of their minds. We aim to build the cultural layer of good habits and self care that can help make us all more mentally healthy.

Research by Sarah Pressman and colleagues suggests that whatever you do for your mind will be much better for you if you have chosen it, and you enjoy it. So rather than writing lists of things you should do, start thinking about what you like to do. Make time for the breathers and restorers that work for you, and share them with the world.

It starts with you. Each of us needs to start thinking and talking about what’s good for our minds. So over to you.
What are your mindapples?

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We spend a third of our lives at work, so work should be good for our minds. Since 2010, Mindapples has provided market-leading workplace wellbeing, resilience and performance services to some of the biggest brands in global business.

We can help individuals look after their health, manage stress and improve their productivity, and help managers and teams work smarter and more sustainably.

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