Feedback from our clients and training participants

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in global business, and whilst we don’t publish much about our clients online, we have gathered a few case studies and testimonials to show you what our clients think of our services.

Healthy minds, healthy business: 10 years of Mindapples at work
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What our clients say

Patrick Watt, Corporate Director, Bupa UK

“I have worked with Mindapples for a number of years. Their message is simple and compelling and fit for purpose for any audience, particularly those organisations who want to unlock the potential within their people. Highly recommended.”

Una Murphy, Manager, BBC Careerlink

“Mindapples and its simple but effective concept of five a day is a great platform for sharing ideas and challenges us to help ourselves while taking control of our mental attitude and health. At Careerlinkplus we are telling our clients to log on to www.mindapples.org and explore what will help them stay positive as they move forward.”

Dr David Matthews, MB, BS, DRCOG, DOccMed, AFOM, FRCGP, Occupational Physician

“I certainly found the approach novel and informative which is praise indeed having been to so many ‘stress management sessions’.”

Feedback from training participants

We evaluate all our training and consistently get 95%+ positive feedback from participants. Here are a few things people have said about our masterclasses and workplace training:

  • “I loved discussing the issue of the mind in the workplace, it makes a lot of sense. I learned some facts about the brain and it has definitely made me think. I thought the presentation was very easy to understand and very approachable.”
  • “The session was great. I loved the practical focus, and that the practical examples were followed up by study references. The trainer was also good at highlighting the positives, and showing that caring about your mental health is an opportunity to feel better and have more fun, rather than an extra chore in an otherwise busy life.”
  • “I had never really realised how my mind could have such an important influence on the professional decisions I take. I tend to think about mental health as something which obviously makes me feel good but never quite thought about the fact that having an unhealthy or tired mind could lead me to make bad decisions at work. Also, I was really interested in the idea of really managing my mental energy and try to save it for things that are really important rather than wasting it in small tasks that are quite meaningless in the end.”
  • “The presenter was great, not overly excited like you see in some motivational speakers, but not boring either, just right, managed to keep us engaged during the talk. I would love to attend more of these.”
  • “I really enjoyed today’s session. I thought that the presenter was really good and made me feel at ease. It really gave me some things to think about. I had never considered changing the routine as a way of stopping a bad habit. I’m looking forward to putting some stuff into action!”
  • “I really enjoyed today’s session it was really informative. I like how the audience get involved and get to think about their own situations and then share them with colleagues. I liked how you can actually learn something and be given some tools to take away to try yourself. Definitely more sessions exactly like that are the most beneficial.”
  • “I thought the session was absolutely amazing! The setting was something different and it was great that we utilised the space in the canteen to host this. The content of the session was really thought provoking and I think Andy facilitated and delivered it exceptionally well! It was great that we were all encouraged to think about habits in ourselves and take part in the content as a whole.”
  • “Great session – Interactive, Interesting, Educational, Motivational, Inclusive, Thought provoking & Fun.”
  • “I loved this session, real food for thought and interesting to really think about our habits as people and how we can adapt and be flexible to change things and break and make new habits. I thought the speaker was great, easy to listen to, interactive and funny!
  • “I was genuinely really impressed with the mindapples session I wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually really changed my mind-set. It helped me realise how to deal with problems I’ve had for years and it’s made an instant impact. I’m so grateful for the firm arranging something like this.”