Feed your mind

    Maintain your mental health and wellbeing through your daily habits

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What we do affects our mental health and wellbeing, so how do our daily routines influence how we feel, and what can we do to take better care of our minds?

Our minds are our greatest assets, yet we know surprisingly little about how they work, or how to look after them. So if we can take care of our bodies by going for a run or eating an apple, what can we do for our minds?

Many factors affect our mental wellbeing. Our minds involve many overlapping systems which affect how we think and feel. Our primal instincts, emotional responses and physiology all influence our mental processes, making us a lot more complex than we once believed.

Our minds are sensitive too, and strongly influenced by the physical and social factors around us. Exercise, sleep, light, noises, distractions, thoughts and memories all affect how we feel, positively and negatively, and the people around us also influence our moods and emotions. Greater awareness of these factors can help us maintain our wellbeing and create the conditions for our minds to thrive.

What we do makes a difference. Building ‘breathers’ and ‘restorers’ into our day can help us stay mentally healthy and effective, and by becoming more conscious of how our actions and environment affect our minds, we can stay healthy, maintain our wellbeing and be more effective in life and work.

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