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We influence each other unconsciously all the time. By being more aware of this, we can manage our impact on others and become more persuasive and influential.

We influence each other unintentionally all the time. We pick up moods from other people unconsciously through systems like the mirror neuron network, the parts of our brains that fire in sympathy with what we see other people doing. Our unconscious ‘mirroring’ of those around us can affect our own moods, and vice versa, with positive or negative consequences. Even facial expressions make a big difference.

This means we are constantly being influenced by the people around us, whether we like it or not. The first step to being more influential is to recognise the impact we have on each other.

Being aware of the impact we have can help us relate better to friends and colleagues and influence them in a positive way. By building rapport and expressing our own emotions, we can lead people into more positive, receptive states of mind. Understanding how we influence each other’s minds can also help us tap into the key principles of persuasion, from social proof to reciprocity and cooperation.

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By becoming more aware of the influence we have, and how we are being influenced, we can communicate better, build strong relationships and be a positive influence in our life and work.