Sleep well

    What sleep is, why we need it, and how to get enough of it

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Sleep is vital for our mental health, but stress and worries can make it hard to come by. Find out why we sleep, how to sleep better, and how to feel more awake in the day too.

We spend a third of our lives asleep, but few of us really understand why sleep is so important for our health, or what happens to our minds when we don’t get enough.

Poor sleep quality is one of the most common reasons for mental ill-health. Sleep is fundamental to how our bodies repair and recharge, and this includes our brains. Brain health involves regular, deep sleep to clean the brain, and it also helps consolidate thoughts and memories.

So how can you sleep better? The key is to build an effective routine that works for you, keeping energised in the morning and winding down at night. Physical relaxation helps, and so too can mental relaxation, learning techniques to turn your mind off at the end of the day. We particularly need to monitor technology use, screen time and how we take breaks from devices in our “always-on” culture. Stress is also damaging, so take proper support to deal with pressures.

Good sleep will leave your mind feeling clearer and more refreshed, but learning how to wake up well and stay energised throughout the day will help you build a stable sleep routine. So cut back on the coffee, and start finding ways to keep your mind alert the natural way.

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