Think creatively

    Thrive in difficult situations and cope better with setbacks

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Learn how our minds solve problems and create new ideas, identify more innovative solutions and enhance our creative thinking skills.

Problem solving and creative thinking are integral to modern life and work, and companies that thrive create the conditions for innovation to flourish within their teams. Yet the way we work often stifles creativity, and we have to learn better ways to approach problems.

We tend to think that problem-solving is achieved through increased focus and so many business processes promote concentration and convergent thinking, which can actually limit our ability to find new solutions. Stress, pressure and restrictions on time and resources can also lead to narrow thinking and difficulties seeing possibilities.

Creativity actually arises from the interplay between open, associative thought and focussed, analytic thought, and the right cues and mental approaches can help all of us be more creative. Problem framing and brainstorming in groups can also aid creative thinking in surprising ways, and so can challenging your assumptions and reframing problems.

By understanding the psychology of how we solve problems and imagine possibilities, we can learn techniques for boosting our creativity and spotting new solutions to problems – leading to smarter teams, better solutions and more interesting work.

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