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    Cope with remote working and become the master of your devices

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Technology helps us achieve more and connect with people, but there are downsides. Make technology work for you by building healthy habits and staying connected.

Technology is amazing. Digital tools, mobile devices, and high-speed internet bring us a wealth of information, increase our productivity and connect us to people we’d never otherwise meet.

Yet there are risks to these tools too. Using devices creates dependency in our minds, making it hard to live without them, and angry when they don’t work as we expect. The technology isn’t the problem: it’s what the technology does to our minds.

Building good habits helps. We use devices so regularly that our minds adapt to them, but we can use these routines to develop good habits like staying mobile, drinking water and taking regular breaks. We can also break the habit of technology by making time without it and developing skills and hobbies that don’t involve screens and devices.

Technology is also changing how we socialise and collaborate. Remote working is convenient and efficient, and video calls can connect us to friends and loved ones around the world, but they are no substitute for being with people. We must make the effort to see people face-to-face, and use these tools to improve our relationships, not replace them.

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