Be resilient

    Thrive in difficult situations and cope better with setbacks

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Things don’t always go to plan, so learn how to cope with change and bounce back from setbacks and adversity with a flexible, resilient mindset.

There’s an old saying in boxing, that everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Success in life isn’t just about how you pursue your goals; it’s also about how well you cope with adversity.

Resilience is your capacity to maintain your wellbeing and respond to obstacles and setbacks, a set of conditions that help people adapt well to adversity. It isn’t about being insensitive, numbing out or feeling less, but building protective factors that help you deal with difficulties.

Some of this is about coping, finding techniques to get through the moment and deal with difficult emotions and experiences. These techniques are different for everyone, but the more options we have, the more we can cope in the moment. Coping isn’t everything though, so we also need to build our resources, to increase our capacity to cope with challenges proactively.

How you think matters too. Your mindset, the way you make sense of the world, affects how you learn and grow from setbacks. Taking a flexible approach seems to work best: changing your approach and seeing each situation as a chance to grow your skills. It doesn’t mean we have to enjoy hardship, but we can use it to grow stronger.

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