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Motivation is crucial to success in life and work. By tapping into the science of motivation we can boost motivation and keep ourselves energised and motivated.

Why do some tasks feel easy, whilst others seem to drag?

When we have to do something that we don’t want to do, we have to use willpower. Willpower drains our energy – energy that could be better spent on the task at hand – and to be effective at work we need to tap into what really drives us to succeed.

Psychological research is showing us that external incentives alone are not enough to inspire us feel enthusiastic about a task.

We also need to connect these benefits with our inner drivers, and feel we have the ability to succeed. Our perceived ability in particular can be the difference between a challenge that we are driven to overcome, or a stressful task we prefer to give up.

Maintaining these three factors and integrating your internal and external motivations are key to building sustainable motivation.

This model can also act as a diagnostic tool, to help you figure out which ingredient is missing, and take targeted action to boost your motivation and stay energised and enthusiastic in life and work.

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