Work sustainably

    Avoid burnout and work well over the long term by caring for your mind

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In today’s always-on culture, we need to set limits to avoid burnout and build good habits for wellbeing. Find out how to harness your mind for sustained performance.

Burnout at work is an increasingly common phenomenon, and often affects the most ambitious and motivated people among us. With the increasing pressures of an uncertain world, and the constant availability of technology and virtual working, we need to work more sustainably.

Burnout comes in many forms. For some, it comes when there is simply too much to do, a frenetic state of stress and overwhelm. For others, though, it means feeling under-challenged and disengaged, wishing for something new. It can be cumulative too, feeling worn out and unable to continue at the same hectic pace any longer.

Technology doesn’t always help. The prevalence of home working, hybrid teams and flexible hours means we are working longer hours and struggling to switch off. But these tools also offer us possibilities, allowing us to fit work around home life and save time on commutes.

Smart, sustainable working starts with each of us. By focussing on what our minds need and making time for things that motivate us, as well as things that help us switch off from work, we can make our work more sustainable in the long term, and make each day as healthy and productive as the last.

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