Train your mind

    Learn new things, improve your memory and develop your skills

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Are we stuck with our minds or can we change them? By understanding how we absorb information and develop new skills, we can improve our minds and learn to live and work better.

Our minds are capable of extraordinary things, from complex analysis to remembering a good joke. But how far are we limited by our neurophysiology, and how far can we change our minds?

Intelligence, our underlying ‘brain power’, seems to be relatively fixed, but how we apply it can make a big difference to whether we work effectively. Learning how to build on our natural strengths and compensate for our weaknesses can enable all of us to reach our potential and work more effectively.

Our minds do change though: in fact, our ability to learn and adapt is one of the greatest human traits. Learning changes the structure of our minds, allowing us to enhance our skills and change how we see the world. By understanding the underlying neurobiology of how our memories work, we can learn quicker and remember things better.

Our minds are also excellent at automating tasks and learning new skills. By becoming more conscious of how and why we build skills and acquire habits, we can train our minds to be better at the things we want to do, and accomplish more even when we feel tired – improving our health and productivity in the process.

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