Get inside our heads

A brief history of mindfulness

Hang out around mental health circles either side of the Atlantic at the moment and soon enough you’ll hear someone talking about mindfulness. And here in the UK, the status of mindfulness as official flavour of the psychotherapist’s month was secured this year when the Mental Health Foundation launched its Be Mindful project. With its […]

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The Mindfulist

Each day The Mindfulist posts a new topic to meditate or think on – to slow you down and help you focus. The best time to practice mindfulness is right now. Take a deep breath.

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Communicating ‘Mindfulness’

With Mindapples kicking off 2010 with plenty of team discussions about visualising and designing this seemed appropriate! Photography agency LPA, The Mental Health Foundation and Clear Channel Outdoor are calling creatives to generate ideas for a poster campaign to help build awareness with the general public of Mindfulness, (a form of meditation that is, the […]

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We’ve been a bit quiet here on the Mindapples blog (my book coming out, Lauren’s MA due in, Tessy on holiday…), but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. One of the things I’ve been up to is contributing to a new Channel 4 programme, Alone in the Wild, in which Ed Wardle will […]

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