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Give Me Five: Paul Dodsley & Leah Wareham

Paul Dodsley (Student Health Development Officer) and Leah Wareham (Student Health and Wellbeing Project Officer) both run Healthy NTU, Nottingham Trent University’s Health Promotion programme within the Student Support Services. They help students learn new ways to look after their wellbeing through lots of different ways including running training sessions, events and activities throughout the […]

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Give Me Five: Corinna Simmonds

Corrina Simmonds is a Wellbeing Practitioner at University Centre Sparsholt and is passionate about helping students look after their minds and supporting them when things get tough.  1. Tell us about your mind. What’s it like up there? Hmm tricky to answer as it depends…sometimes is BUSY things are going in and out and around […]

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Give Me Five: Hanna Silk

Hanna is a postgraduate student with the Open University. She volunteers as Representative for Wales at Open University Students Association and is a mum of three and fan of terrible jokes! We were delighted to chat to Hanna about her mind, mental health and wellbeing, and how a Mindapples webinar helped her to start thinking […]

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Give Me Five: Lara Munday

Lara Munday is the Projects Officer (Student Community) at the Open University Student’s Association and a key part of the team who Mindapples are collaborating with to support as many students as possible to take better care of their minds. You can find out more about Lara, her experience working with our tools and resources […]

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Open University Students Association Logo in blue and white

Give Me Five: Nicola Powell

Nicola Powell is the Training and Wellbeing Officer for the Open University’s Students Association, a Mindapples Champion, a keen traveller, cook and music aficionado! You can find out more about Nicola, the way she uses our training, tools and resources in her work at the Open University and what her mindapples are – the activities […]

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Give Me Five: Helen Wyllie

Give Me Five: Helen Wyllie We’d like to introduce you to the creative force behind our latest campaign, the artist Helen Wyllie. Helen is an East Lothian based illustrator and graphic designer who can often be found sea swimming when she’s not creating beautiful illustrations for lucky people like us. We sat down with Helen over […]

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The RSA Journal plants some Mindapples

My friends at the RSA have very kindly included a piece about Mindapples in this month’s RSA Journal. It’s the back page article (always the best place to be), and you can read it online. There’s also a summary of the project on their main website. Thank you!

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i-Genius grows Mindapples

Thanks to Tommy and Barry at i-Genius for giving Mindapples a bit of coverage. News story here. Also, thanks to Salford City Radio for ringing me up out of the blue for a phone interview – very nice of them to take such an interest in the project. As I said in the i-Genius interview, […]

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Famous Fives – with Dave Briggs

Today we’ve asked Dave Briggs about the most important things he does to stay mentally well. I asked Dave if wearing orange was part of a much grander plan? “To be honest, the tshirt I am wearing in my Facebook pic, and the one to which you were referring, I think, is red rather than […]

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