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Mindapple-a-day: Calling friends on Zoom

Mindapples trainer Amanda shares Nigel’s mindapple, chatting to friends on zoom. Feeling related to other people is an important psychological need, the self-determination theory explains that relatedness is an absolute basic need in order to feel good. So although Nigel’s zoom call is ‘just for a chat’, he’s providing an absolute basic psychological need for […]

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The Mindapples Tree at the Museum of Happiness

We were delighted to have the Mindapples Tree at the wildly successful Museum of Happiness event in Spitalfields Market. The Museum of Happiness brought together a ball pit, silent disco, laughter yoga, virtual reality experience, TickTheBucket and much, much more, all with the aim of doing things that raise spirits. I snuck into the Joy […]

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The Mindapples Tree

Declaring victory

It’s been over five years since we started Mindapples as a business (and even longer since the start of our campaign), and it’s fair to say the journey has been… emotional. Running a mental health organisation is tough enough at the best of times, without having to steer it through a global recession and brutal public spending cuts. […]

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Photo by Bex Singleton

Money can buy you happiness, new research reveals

Research published today has revealed that money is much more useful for making people happy than was previously thought. Despite the popularity of books like The Spirit Level and Happiness, and a large body of recent studies across the developing world suggesting that economic performance does not in fact correlate with wellbeing or life satisfaction, new research […]

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Phobia of cockroaches? Serious game could help

Cockroaches; if the mere mention of this word sets your body a quiver and your sweat glands into overdrive then you may have Katsaridaphobia – what the National Geographic calls the fear of cockroaches. But Imagine if you could play a game on your phone that could help you overcome your fear without a living […]

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Fresh from the mind orchard Mindapples present….Moodbug!

Leaving for university can be an emotional cocktail. A blend of excitement and freedom with a large dash of fear and as many a student will know, too many cocktails physical or emotional will leaving you feeling a little worse for wear. Moodbug is a simple app available for iPhones that lets you share your […]

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Mindapples Press: December 2010 Edition

As someone who has taken an interest in the growth and development of Mindapples over 2010, I thought you might appreciate a little update on where we’ve got to and where we’re headed! NHS pilot As I announced earlier this week, we now have a confirmed grant from Guys and St Thomas’s Charity to pilot […]

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Group if young people holding up their apple shaped cards with what they do everyday to look after their minds. Mindapples promote positive mental health from an early age.

Happy World Mental “Health” Day

Hello folks, and a very happy World Mental Health Day to you all! To celebrate, Mindapples have been on tour around London, beginning in Brixton on Thursday and Saturday, and culminating in installing the Mindapples Tree at CityCamp London in the Hub King Cross today. It’s been an amazing few days, stepping far out of […]

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In Patagonia

They say travel broadens the mind, and for those of us who are lucky to do it once in a while, it certainly does. I’ve been in South America for the past month taking a very overdue holiday, and the effect on my mental state has been quite remarkable. I feel happier, healthier, more energised […]

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Cerro Campanario, in the Argentine Lake District

5 herbs for happiness

My friend Sorrell at the Chamomile Clinic has sent me something to share with you: her five herbs for happiness. Lemon balm – a truly balancing herb, whether you are anxious or depressed this herb can bring back a sense of balance into your life and it tastes delicious as a herbal tea. Valerian – […]

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