Fresh from the mind orchard Mindapples present….Moodbug!

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Leaving for university can be an emotional cocktail. A blend of excitement and freedom with a large dash of fear and as many a student will know, too many cocktails physical or emotional will leaving you feeling a little worse for wear.

Moodbug is a simple app available for iPhones that lets you share your mood with a personalized list of people from your phone contacts. From your family and friends back home to your new uni roommates you can share how you feel with whomever you choose. So whether you’ve just found a t-shirt stuffed at the bottom of your bag that smells like home and has turned you into a blubbering mess or you got a better mark in that assignment than you were expecting, a quick tap of the fingers and you can share what’s going on and how you feel.
With the whole living on your own/fending for yourself situation life can get more than a little hectic. A phone call or even a text can seem impossible however Moodbug allows you to view your friends and families moods in seconds and keep updated with their lives. It’s like a Facebook for feelings. Moodbug also allows you to send and receive free e-gifts to celebrate those highs and comfort those lows. So when you’ve got a long night of studying ahead receiving an e-hamburger from your mum might be just the thing you need.

The app is available free from the App Store.