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A Leap Year Wish

It’s been inspiring and encouraging to see the publicity around the Young Minds Matter series launched by The Duchess of Cambridge when she was guest editor of the Huffington Post this month. Especially the theme of taking preventative action. At Mindapples, that’s obviously a theme that is close to our hearts. If you’ve come across […]

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Understanding men’s mental health

“Men’s mental health is a particularly salient issue in these troubled times. Worldwide, more than one million people kill themselves each year. In the UK, men are four times more likely than women to kill themselves and there have been over 6,500 male suicides in the past six years. Incidence data from the last century […]

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Stand to reason

Stand to reason: social justice in mental health are a charity tackling the mental health taboo. “In today’s world, in today’s language, that probably makes us “bonkers”, but we have a vision of a changed world, one in which it will be common sense or stand to reason that people who have experience of mental […]

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A smile a day…

A model was actually seen smiling at the Paris fashion show this week. Please can we make it the start of something beautiful, says Laura Barton. “The entire population of London, not known for its upbeat demeanour (with the notable exception of chirpy Cockney barrowboys) will be forced to smile during its morning commute or […]

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Suspicious Minds

Once it affected 1% of the population. Now more than a quarter of us suffer from paranoia, leading expert Daniel Freeman tells Sabine Durrant from the Guardian. Paranoia, like depression and anxiety, can cause great anguish. “It’s a hierarchy of fear. It’s very common to think people are trying to irritate, or upset you. Less […]

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