Get inside our heads

Why workplace wellbeing?

Smart businesses promote wellbeing at work. Find out why with Andy Gibson and Mindapples.

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Handling pressure and stress at work

“Very few tigers are found prowling around the floors of a law firm,” says Rebecca Tipper in the second of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP’s blogs on the Mindapples programme. Developing our skills with Mindapples By: Rebecca Tipper    04 Dec 2015 Mindapples is a not-for-profit business which aims to teach us how our minds […]

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Competition Time

For today only you could be in with the chance to win some fantastic gifts and be entered into a prize draw! If you buy a copy of A Mind for Business on TODAY and are one of the first one hundred people to register their purchase with Pearson you will be sent a free […]

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Does your mind mean business?

With perfect timing for the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, the RSA have today released the highlights of my recent talk for them about psychology, mental health and work. The talk was the public launch event for A Mind for Business and gave me a chance to outline some of my arguments for why I […]

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Why I wrote A Mind for Business

As many readers will know, my book, A Mind for Business, is out now published by Pearson, and I wanted to give a little background as to why I wrote it, and how it relates to our work here at Mindapples. That’s because, in addition to the obvious commercial reasons for writing it, this book […]

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Mindapples presents… Your Mind: A User’s Guide

Learn how to improve your mental performance and get the best from yourself and others. On 26th April 2012, Nathalie Nahai and Andy Gibson from Mindapples will be offering an intensive hands-on training event on how our minds work, featuring basic tools to help us understand our minds, become more resilient, and manage ourselves and […]

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