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Mindapples in the Media

The spring season has been a busy one for Mindapples, with events such as the launch of Action for Happiness and new exciting projects and collaborations coming together. Recently Mindapples has been attracting quite a bit of attention from the media, so here is a little round-up for you in case you missed anything and […]

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How mad are you?

Thanks to everyone who wrote in telling me to watch the BBC2 documentary ‘How Mad Are You?’ A really fascinating study of the fine line between ‘mad’ and ‘sane’, and quite sensitively done (if you can overlook the strange Joe Millionaire production style). The stories of those who had recovered from serious illness were incredibly […]

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The BBC have launched a new campaign called Headroom which aims to promote wellbeing widely. There are programmes, questionnaires, information of particular difficulties such as OCD and AHDH and depression. Well worth a look. Well done BBC. “Life is full of ups and downs. So the BBC has created Headroom, a campaign to encourage you […]

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