Mindapples Tree Set: Plant your own wellbeing tree


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Your very own Mindapples Tree!

Our light, portable Mindapples Tree is perfect for events and wellbeing days, either as a pop-up or a permanent feature.
A tree where people can hang their mindapple cards, share ideas and thoughts, and read other mindapples for inspiration.

Eye-catching and interactive installation which creates a positive talking point giving people the opportunity to share what they do for their minds.

Made of high quality white cardboard, easy to assemble and can be flat packed for storage or transport. 200cm high, 120cm in diameter.

The Tree Set comes with an Event Toolkit:

300 Applecards (If you would like our schools applecards please email hello@mindapples.org once ordered).

30 Pens
30 Badges
Gardener’s Guide

The Large Tree Set comes with a Large Event Toolkit:

500 Applecards
50 Pens
50 Badges
2 Posters
Gardener’s Guides

To find out more about Mindapples, please visit www.mindapples.org.

UK Mainland delivery shipping cost, please enquire if yo would like the parcel to be delivered elsewhere for a quote on shipping.
If you have any queries or would like to order different quantities, please contact us at orders(at)mindapples.org.

If you are looking to hire the original handcrafted Mindapples tree for maximum impact, or require the tree for an earlier date, please contact us directly.

When you order, please provide a phone number for the courier delivery in the optional message box.


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