Mental Health and Wellbeing Event Toolkit (for 300 people)


A Mindapples toolkit for your own campaign event. Ideal for raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing.

Engage people in a positive conversation about mental health and wellbeing by giving them an applecard and asking them “What is the 5-a-day for your mind?”

Each Event Toolkit includes:

300 Mindapples applecards
30 Pens
30 Badges
A Gardener’s Guide on how to use the applecards and run your event
PDF posters for you to print and use at your event
The applecards are hand strung and perfect for hanging from a mindapples tree (or even a real tree!). Share ideas and thoughts, read others’ mindapples for inspiration.

Text on applecards:


Write your 5 mindapples here


5-a-day for your mind

A mindapple is anything you do that’s good for your mind.

What are your mindapples?



Is this the first time you’ve thought about what’s good for your mind? Yes/No

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