Refill pack (400 applecards): Ask “What’s the 5-a-day for your mind”?


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A pack of 400 applecards. Perfect for wellbeing events (if you would like our schools applecards please email once ordered).

Engage others by asking them to fill out their Mindapples (their 5-a-day for the mind), share your ideas and start a positive conversation about what you do to take care of your minds.

The applecards (not the school version) are strung by hand for hanging from one of our trees, a homemade mindapples tree (or even a real tree!). Share ideas and thoughts, read others’ mindapples for inspiration.

Text on Applecards:


Write your 5 mindapples here


5-a-day for your mind
A mindapple is anything you do that’s good for your mind.
What are your mindapples?
Is this the first time you’ve thought about what’s good for your mind? Yes/No

Text on school applecards


What do you do that is good for your mind?

Mindapples would like you to share the ‘5-a-day for your mind’, so write on the other side of this card what you do regularly that is good for your mind. Put whatever works for you; it’s your mind!


White box (to write a name) ‘s Mindapples

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