Wooden Mindapples tree: Available for hire for mental health and wellbeing events



Hire the Mindapple Tree for your event.

Hire cost includes delivery to / collection from UK mainland (delivery is normally the day before your event and collection the day after).

Purchase the toolkit to go with it from the other options available in the shop.  If you would like the assistance of an Engagement Specialist for the day, please let us know.

The Mindapples Tree is made out of plywood and is a stable, self-supporting framework. Height 2.3m, diameter 1.5m.  The centre of gravity is in the centre of the tree so the structure is resistant to toppling in the event of something knocking into it.  The ideal spacing allows one metre all around the tree. This enables people to access every part of the tree to hang applecards and to read other people’s mindapples.

Where space is limited, and the tree is next to a wall, the overall depth required can be reduced to 2.5m by preventing access to the back of the tree. A minimum depth of 2m can be achieved by removing the branches at the back of the tree.

Please note that a refundable deposit against damage or missing pieces is required unless one of our Engagement Specialists is responsible for setting up and packing away the tree.

To find out more about Mindapples, please visit www.mindapples.org.

If you have any queries,  please contact us at orders(at)mindapples.org.


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