Large Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit (for 500 people)


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The ultimate Mindapples toolkit for your event.

Grow your own Mindapples and engage people in positive conversations about mental health and wellbeing by giving them an applecard and asking them “What is the 5-a-day for your mind?”

This Large Event Toolkit includes:

500 Applecards (If you would like our schools applecards please email once you have placed your order)

50 Pens
50 Badges
Gardener’s Guides which provide information on how to run your own event
Copy of The Mind Manual book by Mindapples Head Gardener Andy Gibson
PDF posters to print and use at your event

The Mind Manual is an accessible guide to what’s going on in your head. From understanding how your own mind works, to making sense of the behaviour of others, this is a practical guide to managing your mind and using it to get the life you want.

The book uses proven insights from neuroscience and psychology, filtered through the wisdom and experience of thousands of people in Mindapples’ global community, to give you a crash-course in understanding your own mind. It will improve your well-being, your ability to cope with stress, and your understanding of yourself and others, and give you the tools you need to be your best self, with chapters including:

How to Be Yourself
How to Keep Calm
How to Be Happy
How to Have a Healthy Mind
How to Be Wise
How to Be Productive
How to Be Resilient
How to Be Kind
How to Fall in Love

The applecards are strung and perfect for hanging from a tree sculpture (or even a real tree!). Share your ideas and read other people’s mindapples for inspiration.

Text on the applecards is as follows:

Write your 5 mindapples here

5-a-day for your mind
A mindapple is anything you do that’s good for your mind.
What are your mindapples?
Is this the first time you’ve thought about what’s good for your mind? Yes/No

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