Mindapple-a-day: “remind myself I only need to be good enough”


Mindapples’ Head Gardener Andy Gibson shares Naomi’s Mindapples about “reminding herself that she only needs to be good enough.”

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, particularly if we’re high in conscientiousness, if you’re the kind of person that thinks there’s a correct way for things to be done and who cares a lot about details. It’s easy to start criticising the things that you do, and feeling that nothing is quite as good as you hoped it would be

Resist this! Because actually a lot of the time the things that we do are perfectly good enough, and other people really like them, get value from them and it’s only because we paid so much care and attention that we see these flaws that others can’t even spot.

Try to notice if we’re tipping into perfectionism, it’s not about having lower standards or not caring about when things are right or not, it’s about how you feel when things aren’t perfect. Try to have a good relationship with things turning out in an unexpected way and allow yourself a bit of freedom to improvise.