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Helping people

If helping people is one of my five (and it is sometimes…), then receiving nice e-mails about Mindapples is a great way for me to feel more mentally healthy. This is my favourite so far: “Just wanted to say, Mindapples is a great idea – good luck with it. I’ve been going through a bit […]

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Exercise cures everything!

Spark just arrived through my letterbox and I am going to talk about it even before I have read it. We have had over 500 responses so far to the Mindapples Test. *THANK YOU*, and one or two people mentioned exercise. This book I hope will explain all. John Ratey is a clinical associate professor […]

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The results from the Belgian jury…

Okay, so it’s not quite Eurovision but we’ve had over 70 responses already from countries as diverse as Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa and the US(of)A. Thank you all so much for taking up the challenge, and please keep spreading the word. Some of the most popular fives so far are talking to friends/family, meditation, […]

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What’s your five-a-day?

Take the Mindapples test today and help us find the most popular things we all do to stay mentally healthy. Take the 2-minute test We’ve used Surveymonkey to create a quick survey to find out your five-a-days. We’ll publish the results here once we’ve had a few responses, and then we’ll use the popularity of […]

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