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12 steps to happiness

Here’s another take on the “things you should do to be happy” riff, this time from the Care Services Improvement Partnership. Interestingly they reference the economic crisis – which is funny because the economic crisis is also referencing us. Here’s a summary of their, erm… twelve: In situations of sustained social, economic and psychological stress, […]

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Mark Johnson on emotional education

In today’s Guardian Mark Johnson has written an article entitled Forget Sats: lesson one is a basic emotional education. It is very interesting to read Mark’s thoughts on the subject, as he school experience was difficult. He is author of Wasted, which describes his experiences growing up with violence, alcohol and drugs, often crime. Mark’s comment in […]

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Dr Liz Miller’s health tips

I was honoured to receive a lovely e-mail from Dr Liz Miller recently about the Mindapples project. Dr Liz was voted Mind Champion of the Year in June and featured in Stephen Fry’s 2007 documentary series the Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. She writes wonderfully about self-management of mental wellbeing, and also practises what […]

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