12 steps to happiness

Here’s another take on the “things you should do to be happy” riff, this time from the Care Services Improvement Partnership. Interestingly they reference the economic crisis – which is funny because the economic crisis is also referencing us.

Here’s a summary of their, erm… twelve:

In situations of sustained social, economic and psychological stress, most people experience symptoms of mental illness. What might be called the ‘five fruit and vegetables’ of mental health help to protect mental wellbeing for everyone, whether or not they have symptoms. They include:

  1. keeping physically active
  2. eating well
  3. drinking in moderation
  4. valuing yourself and others
  5. talking about your feelings
  6. keeping in touch with friends and loved ones
  7. caring for others
  8. getting involved and making a contribution
  9. learning new skills
  10. doing something creative
  11. taking a break
  12. asking for help

These ‘positive steps’ for mental health are familiar themes in a wide range of research on what people who experience mental health problems find helpful. They provide a foundation for everyone’s mental health and now need to be much more widely disseminated to the general public.

My goodness there are a lot of these lists out there. I could really stress myself out worrying about all the things I’m not doing. 😉

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