Get inside our heads

Does your mind mean business?

With perfect timing for the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, the RSA have today released the highlights of my recent talk for them about psychology, mental health and work. The talk was the public launch event for A Mind for Business and gave me a chance to outline some of my arguments for why I […]

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Psychology and the Economy

I’m currently sat in the RSA lunchtime lecture with Robert Shiller about how human psychology drives the economy. John Maynard Keynes famously used the term ‘animal spirits’ to refer to the animating forces that drive people to action. He argued that economists were wrong to model human behaviour as rational, an emphasized that no-one can […]

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The RSA Journal plants some Mindapples

My friends at the RSA have very kindly included a piece about Mindapples in this month’s RSA Journal. It’s the back page article (always the best place to be), and you can read it online. There’s also a summary of the project on their main website. Thank you!

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