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Celebrities – your votes are in

Mindapples volunteer Heleana has done a marvellous job of tallying up all your answers about which celebrities you’d like to hear from. Here are the top 20 people whose five-a-days you’d like to know: 1. Stephen Fry (we love you Stephen!) 2. Barack Obama 3. Gordon Brown 4. Dalai Lama 5. Nelson Mandela 6. Richard […]

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Dr Liz Miller’s health tips

I was honoured to receive a lovely e-mail from Dr Liz Miller recently about the Mindapples project. Dr Liz was voted Mind Champion of the Year in June and featured in Stephen Fry’s 2007 documentary series the Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. She writes wonderfully about self-management of mental wellbeing, and also practises what […]

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