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Andy Gibson explains Mindapples

Craig at the O’Reilly GMT blog has very kindly posted a video interview with me explaining the Mindapples project and talking a bit about how far we’ve got. He caught me on the hop a bit: no time to do my hair, although I did manage to dress up a bit. Here’s the video from […]

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Recreational mental health

I’ve had some good chats with Stian Westlake and Yvonne Roberts of the Young Foundation recently, and we were talking amongst other things about ‘prevention’ and ‘cure’ in mental and physical health. The physical health community has been directing a lot of energy towards ‘preventative’ healthcare recently, and the mental health community has naturally followed […]

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The RSA Journal plants some Mindapples

My friends at the RSA have very kindly included a piece about Mindapples in this month’s RSA Journal. It’s the back page article (always the best place to be), and you can read it online. There’s also a summary of the project on their main website. Thank you!

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