The Mindapples app

Product updates and offers about our smartphone app

How Mindapples helps students

As the end of the academic term draws to a close for most universities, we’re still exploring ways in which we can support students in what has been a difficult and challenging time. Our offer to give our app away for free to every student in the UK is still very much ongoing and we’ve had […]

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Free wellbeing support for students

Since 2013, the Mindapples Charity has worked with over 100 universities around the UK to promote mental wellbeing and support students to look after their mental health. We’ve provided public health education campaigns since 2008, and we work with top global businesses to provide world-class training and e-learning to support their employees to maintain their […]

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Please welcome the Mindapples app

We’ve very pleased to announce the launch today of the Mindapples smartphone app! The Mindapples app is a new way to learn about your mind. Based on our popular “5-a-day for your mind” campaign and proven training programmes, the app gives you fascinating insights about how our minds work, and helps you apply them to […]

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