Love at a distance with Moodbug

“I could never do a long-distance relationship” your sixth form self once stated. Now at university you find yourself planning your weekend activities around your significant other’s visit and hopelessly pining after them whilst watching Netflix in bed after a day of lectures. Well you’re not alone, nearly a third of people who claim they are in long-distance relationships are at university.

With assignments and revision, lectures, socials, living, cleaning and uni life in general, it can be difficult to make time for your beau and let’s face it, those phone calls until 5am aren’t doing your sleep patterns any favours, (yes I’m talking to those of you who get up at one in the afternoon).

With our new app Moodbug you can click a button to ‘nudge’ your lover and the app will ask them how they are feeling. You don’t even have to spend those 10 seconds typing and sending a message, just click the button and the app does the rest. I think we can all agree “How are you feeling?” is much nicer to receive than “U OK? “. When your sweetheart has time they can update their mood and let you know how they are feeling and what’s going on.

And that’s not all, oh no, there’s more. You can send virtual gifts to your beloved, these range from a virtual high-five to virtual cocktail and let me tell you receiving a surprise virtual hug from my better half makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside even if my train is delayed by two hours and I’m stuck outside in the cold. They say it’s the littlest things that make a big difference and when I see my screen glow with a notification from Moodbug I instantly smile, just knowing the one I love is thinking about me.

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