Web TV show about The Mind, this Friday at 7:30PM

If you’re interested in the human mind, tune in to The Lock-in this Friday, 29th June, at 7:30PM BST.

Mindapples is a partner in the first of a new series of online discussion programmes called ‘The Lock-in’, devised by myself and my good friend (and Star Wars legend) Jack Klaff. The Lock-in is an open-ended discussion format in which a collection of interesting people have a chance to explore their thoughts on a topic of general interest. No rush, no soundbites, just interesting people taking the time to listen to each other and share their ideas. Unhurried conversations for a digital age.

This Friday’s opening topic is The Mind, and we’re delighted to welcome a wonderful selection of guests:

  • Bryan Appleyard, author of the Brain is Wider than the Sky
  • Simon Bill, artist
  • Nicky Forsythe, founder of Talk for Health
  • Maria Kempinska, founder of Jongleurs Comedy Club
  • Nathalie Nahai, web psychologist and author of the forthcoming book Web of Influence
  • Dr Barry Smith, director of the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study, University of London

Watch online at 7:30PM BST, live from V22 in London, and join the conversation on Twitter at @lockintv. It promises to be a really fascinating evening.

Posted by Andy