Handle pressure

Cope with stress, boost your resilience and build your resources to stay calm under pressure

How to recognise and manage our emotions.

  Mindapples trainer Anna helps us all to notice when our emotions are getting in the way of us managing our responses and shares some top tips into how we can all keep our cool.

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Why we make mistakes under stress

Do you find yourself doing things when you’re stressed that you come to regret later? A 2012 study of behaviour under stress suggests that if we make decisions when we are stressed, we tend to focus on the rewards rather than the risks. This is because acute stress affects the way our brains consider pros […]

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Other people actually reduce our stress levels

In an evolutionary context, stress can be crucial for survival, but in this day and age most humans get stressed for psychological reasons, that are often constant and lingering. When we’re stressed our body releases glucocortocoid hormones, which channel energy to our minds and take it away from basic maintenance functions. In the long term, […]

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Making stress your friend

Over the past ten years, Mindapples has delivered a LOT of workshops on how to deal with stress. In all those workshops, we’ve found one of the most important myths to debunk is the idea that a little bit of stress is good for you. Instead, we prefer the term “pressure”, to describe the effect […]

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Handling pressure and stress at work

“Very few tigers are found prowling around the floors of a law firm,” says Rebecca Tipper in the second of Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP’s blogs on the Mindapples programme. Developing our skills with Mindapples By: Rebecca Tipper    04 Dec 2015 Mindapples is a not-for-profit business which aims to teach us how our minds […]

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