Mindapples Happy Hour

Hi everyone, we enjoyed our last public webinar so much we’ve decided to do another! And this time it’s a happy hour…

Happiness is one of the most elusive concepts in life: chase it and it always feels out of reach, yet sometimes we find it when we least expect it. So how can we get more happiness in our lives and spread joy around? And in these uncertain times, how can we get more of the things that make us happy, and cope better with unhappy things.

Join us at 10am on 19th March 2021 for a friendly, informative talk for anyone seeking happiness and looking to build happy habits – and cope better with the sad times too.

The Mindapples charity is passionate about making knowledge about mental health and wellbeing accessible to all, and supporting people who need help managing their minds. We don’t normally offer that many public events, but with the COVID-19 pandemic putting us all under so much pressure, we are offering more free resources and services to the public to help us all take better care of our minds.

Places are limited so do sign up via the link to guarantee your happy hour.

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