Daily Routines

booksA delightful blog I found called Daily Routines through One Floor Up, collects the stories of daily routines of ‘How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days.’


P.G. Wodehouse
“On most days, he would get up at half past seven, go out onto the porch at the back door, and do the “daily dozen” sequence of calisthenic exercises he had performed every day since 1920. While Ethel, always a late riser, was still upstairs in bed, Wodehouse would prepare his regular breakfast — toast and honey or marmalade, a slice of coffee cake and a mug of tea — and, as part of the early morning routine, he would read a “breakfast book,” for example a Rex Stout or Ngaio Marsh mystery. Then he would light the first pipe of the day, crumbling the cigars Peter Schwed sent him into the bowl in preference to pipe tobacco.”

You can even submit your own routine….