Thinking about vegetables

Richard Gerver has kindly shared his five-a-day. Richard is the former Head of Grange primary school, described as one the most creative schools in the world. Richard in now BIG in creativity in education ……

1. I am a fatalist…what will be will be, stress has never changed the course of history!

2. Running, God you get so tired you have no choice but to sleep well and all you can think about is the pain in your knees!

3. Practice the art of potato thinking…always look beyond a problem and imagine the solution…it is far too easy to stop at the ‘but’ and by doing so you lose your sense of empowerment.

4. Listen to music and plenty of it…often in the dark….there’s nothing like a bit of Morrissey to make you realise that your life’s not so bad!

5. Sharing your issues with others…talking them through and letting them out!

Sponsor a marathon runner and they will tell you anything!