Apple Camp

Lots of activity around the Mindapples project at the moment, very exciting times.

I pitched the project at the first Social Innovation Camp Meetup last week, and found a whole bunch of people who would be interested in helping us develop a better website and various other useful services. So, later this month or early in November, we’ll be holding Apple Camp 2008 (please don’t sue us Steve), a hack day at the School of Everything offices in Bethnal Green, to put together a better website and develop the campaign further.

So, if you’re interested in helping out, please e-mail Andy Gibson at andy[at] We need help clarifying what we need to build for the new site (if you have ideas, please leave us a comment here), and although we haven’t decided what platform to build in, if you’re a Ruby on Rails expert then please do get in touch as that will probably be our initial jumping-off point.

So that’s great progress, I’m very pleased people are so willing to help us out. And hot on the heels of that, Maureen Rice at Psychologies Magazine has written some very kind words about us on her blog. So thank you very much to her as well. If you know anyone who might like to write about Mindapples or use it in their work, please do introduce us!