Andy Gibson explains Mindapples

Craig at the O’Reilly GMT blog has very kindly posted a video interview with me explaining the Mindapples project and talking a bit about how far we’ve got. He caught me on the hop a bit: no time to do my hair, although I did manage to dress up a bit.

Here’s the video from YouTube below. Please do reblog it, Twitter it and send it round to friends and associates, and help us get a bit more attention.

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3 thoughts on “Andy Gibson explains Mindapples

  1. Fantastic Bob, thanks. I’m about to go freelance myself so I’ll do a post soon about how I’m going to manage it and perhaps you can give me some tips? Sounds like you’ve got a good balance and I’d love to have your thoughts on what I could do to gain that ‘locus of control’.

    • Hi Andy, Bob from Yorkshire here again,

      This is why and how I freelance,


      I free lance to have a mentally healthy work / life balance and maximise my mental health and function.

      Not to maximise my income, in fact I earn slightly less than when I worked full time.


      I slipt the week in to 5 or days, I currently have 2 regular work places.

      I am based in research and run my own research unit, from here,

      I work 2 full days and 3, 1/2 days per week on temporary but long term contracts of paid work.

      I have 1 and 1/2 days for teaching, research and other interests plus for extra capacity if my paid work exceeds my time allowed.

      I charge the same as the other workers in the work place, thus there is no disadvantage in employing me on a long term basis. I only stay in the work I have as long as I am happy.

      I decide where and how much I work.

      People ask me to do work and not tell me, the only deadlines I have are the one I set myself.

      Basically when we are employed we give over our locus of control to other
      people our employers in exchange for an income. Some people thirve this way, other people like me unfortuanetly do not. I get stressed and feel trapped.

      Being in control switches off my stress mechanism and allows me to run my life to my strengths and maximise my function and enjoyment of work.

      I have worked this way in North Yorkshire for 8 years since my health difficulities. No real serious relapses. I have a high level skill earn a good income and support my family.

      I am my own boss and it is great.

      Work is never on my mind and I do not get involved in work politics, I just look after myself.
      I know have a relapsing health problem so have to be careful to look after my own health and not over work.

      People ask me why I work the way I do, my reply is it suites my research I never mention my health problems. Lots of people have commented they wish they could work the way I do.
      There is so much stress and unhappiness in the work place.

      I know of other people who have had similar health problems to me and they work in the same way, as couriers, run their own buisnesses, taxi drivers, complementary therapists etc…

      For me, anything that keeps me well; and I donnot dance to beat of anybody else’s drum plus work to my own ethical code.

      I know this would not suite everybody but it beats being on Incapacity benefit and ensuing loss of normal family life.

      My work is in constant evolution. Even if I had not been unwell I would still hope to work this way.

      I have good friends who have all been there like me and helped me along the way, I have a supportive wife and I have been very lucky.

      Good luck with your own quest for the right work and for health and happiness.

      all the very best.



  2. HI Andy great web site,

    I like you had a stress realted illness due to work, which makes working and earning a living really difficult.


    I now freelance this means I have a job that I control rather than a job that controls me.
    I decide who I work with, how I work and how much I work, I have a high level skill and try to work about 70% capacity. I only do work I enjoy. I have what psycologist call the Locus of Control, I have never enjoyed my work more this really suites my mental health. If I have a relapse I have a back door and am not letting anybody down and take time out to adjust and still have my career.

    I really donot put up with nonsense in the work place any more, if I am not happy in a work enviroment I simply give an excuse and leave, I have a portfolio of work that includes research, teaching, charity work and of course paid work.

    This one of my 5 a day and part of my mentally healthy life style.

    There are a group of us who have found a way to be mentally healthy and we all work this way to maximise function and support our families.

    I may call to have a chat some day if thats ok